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I need a card that's says using the states cp increases federalism

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I have a card that says fed destroys the economy and that causes extinction but I need a card that says the states increases federalism.

When you're going for a states/federalism strategy, you don't want to say that state-level action increases federalism but that federal action destroys federalism. The reason for this is that in a scenario where you're saying "federalism is damaged now, involving the states in education solves that, the impact is the economy" you don't have a disadvantage to the plan. All you need to do is say "federalism is solid, the plan's federal interference negates that, the impact is the economy." Using the states doesn't link to that disadvantage because it's not federal interference. And if they try to say that using the states somehow hurts federalism, you don't really need a card to answer that, just explain that federalism reflects the constitutional balance of power and rights between the federal government and the people and that because education isn't a formal power of the federal government, it's well within the bounds of federalism for states (the people) to act on education.

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