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Last weekend at a tournament my partner and I went against a team from glenbrooks south that ran a politics disad talking about "Section 702." I looked through all our files and couldn't find anything about it... and we didn't get the files since they were strictly paper. Does anybody have general answers to this disad or know what it's about? From what I could pick up it was about domestic privacy/safety and/or our plan stopping the section 702 bill from being passed and/or repealing the bill. 


I can't remember the impact, i believe it was nuclear terrorism. I found one card answering it in our entire dropbox, but I did find a "privacy disad" in our files that seemed similar but not exactly the same. Thanks!


Rider Disads... :(

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A Riders DA is a DA attached to something else passing attached to your plan (Riding its passage as another part of your bill) when your plan passes. It takes what is bad with the PTX DA and explouds it. You can find almost any policy that may be passed or repealed. Then that passage/repeal = extinc. There isn't a lot of prep the aff really get to every rider DA. ITs a unique poicy senario so a lot of normal ptx answers won't apply. You can say your plan is bipartisan but even then it doesn't really prove that nothing will happen to the other policy. anything to the DA. To answer best you have to respond specifically to the policy but its unreasonabl to say that you can prep against everything. The best you can do is get impact D and turns then make a crap ton of analytics so most people dislike them.

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