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What does Plank mean?

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Assuming this is about counterplan/plan texts, they're just mandates of the plan. Most affs don't read planks anymore, but it would be something like the following:



"The United States federal government should increase it's funding for STEM programs.

Plan plank 1 - Funding will come from an increased sales tax.

Plan plank 2 - The plan will cost three billion dollars.

Plan plank 3 - We reserve the rights to fiat, define all terms, and clarify."




Planks are a bit more popular with counterplans - Take this States CP for example:



The fifty states and territories should increase funding for STEM. Funding will be provided through the legalization and taxing of marijuana.


The first plank does the aff, the second plank specifies another action/funding mechanism




They're even more common with advantage CPs:



The United States federal government should:

- X

- Y

- Z


X solves the first advantage, Y solves the second advantage, and Z solves the third.


X, Y, and Z would be different policy actions that can solve the affirmative advantages in a different way.





Edit: Or maybe you meant any of these.

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How are they pronounced?  Plan + K or plank?  Don't want to read it in round and get laughed out lol

Plank, like the wood

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