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I’m confused. Do you want to make the argument that the perm doesn’t solve? Because that depends entirely on the K/CP. Are you making the perm (as the neg??) Why are you debating the perm on case?

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We ran a perm bc they ran a K aff

A permutation is a test of competition between two advocacies. A perm can't really apply if you're on the neg side, defending the status quo, because that would be like saying  "we can do the aff and the status quo at the same time", which is impossible because the aff is a change away from the status quo.


Reading a perm on your own K/CP is just unstrategic, because that means there's no trade-off between doing the aff and your CP/K; the aff would just extend it and say that means you should be voting aff because that still endorses the aff's method.

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