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Best St. Mark's teams

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It's actually my opinion that the st. marks team of Richard Shen and Max Wang are of the most elite tier at this st. marks school of texas. case in point: new trier. the duo went 4-2 and lost in the double octafinals of a quarterfinal bid tournament. now although they lost very very early. they had an incredibly hard prelim and elim scheduele. after losing a close debate to the Washburn Rural High school's duo of Grace Kessler and Raina Peter, they become very demoralized and subsequently lost to the Carrollton School of the Sacred Heart's duo of Alexia Boulos and Camille Garcia Mendoza, who is one of the foremost teams in the nation. Not only did this Carrollton team make a deep run in the elims of the Trevian Invitational, they have been performing at a stellar rate for the past 2 years. 

Anyways despite SW's disappointing and tough losses in the preliminary rounds, they stumbled into the eliminations as a very respectable 24th seed. Almost immediatley, they were spawn killed by Blue Valley Southwest HS's Holzer and Hussaini who capitalized on the confusion that Max Wang and Richard Shen's partnership brought upon. You see, the two have not actually been partner for long, recently coming together to redeem themselves. But despite all the struggle and failures the 2 experienced. They have been trudging onwards with Wang advancing all the way to the seminfinals of the hockaday invitational(wow!!). 

They may not have been the strongest team, nor even closest to the brightest, but it is the process and friendships that they have shown through their journey. Their dedication inspires me and my younger siblings to work harder everyday.



- an admirer 

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