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LD: Organisation and locating/cutting cards mid debate

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I have a ton of files on my computer, and if I had the time, I would probably have a card to answer anything they could possibly throw at me; but how to I locate these cards.  Right now I usually just search my all files with key words or quotes, but a lot of the evidence files that are compiled are hundreds of pages long, not to mention that there are thousands of them as well.


Simply put, how should I organize evidence to become more efficient


(obviously I have blocks and etc already in a folder where I can access it easily, this is just for any possible file I have that might pertain to the debate)

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This is how I organize my policy stuff, but maybe you can apply some to LD as well


I generally try to have the following for aff:

- 2AC blocks to common case args and all offcase under the sun

--- Pretty easy, just go to "2AC Cap K" and there's your answers

- A massive impact defense file that gets updated yearly

--- If you need defense to a specific scenario that isn't in the 2AC blocks, go here, scroll down to "A2 Terror -> War" or whatever you need defense to

- Bigger answers files to offcase in a separate folder

--- Sure, your "2AC Cap K" might be alright, but when the 1NC is 8 minutes of cap, you'll probably want more answers. These should all be in a doc titled "A2 Cap K"


For neg:

- Case negs

--- Just click the aff you're hitting and there's neg cards

- A "1NC Funbox"

--- Offcase my partner and I usually read, just there for quick 1NC construction

- Impact defense file

--- See above

- Bigger files for the offcase we read

--- For instance, the 1N can grab the Cap 1NC from the "funbox", but the 2N can go to the actual Cap K file for extensions

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