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Now that Greenhill has happened and a lot of good teams have started debating, I was wondering what affs you all thought were particularly good/creative/strategic. One of my teammates is looking for an aff to read, and I was wondering if any of you have any thoughts so I can give her good suggestions (preferably not a super common/camp aff, but if you think any of those are super good, she said she's open to anything).

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I think that it's best to have a right-leaning Affirmative - like STEM - that you take a strategic angle on such that a lot of the generic offense doesn't apply. For example, a plan to create grant funding for women and/or minorities in STEM could claim a lot of the same advantages (increased participation, better technology) but avoid a lot of major offense about STEM being bad because the plan doesn't "increase" or "decrease" STEM, it just makes it more inclusive.


I'd also have a more left-leaning Affirmative - mental health policies, comprehensive sex education, climate change literacy - some kind of structural violence impact. It's nice to not have to go the "$ ↓ → ☢ → ☠" route every single debate and you can get some leverage against a lot of disadvantage/CP arguments as well as some criticisms.


If I had to guess the "most strategic" Affirmative, it'd probably be some of the cooperative federalism/right to education business I've seen in a few places along with a state budgets advantage. It's got a clearly defined federal role in education and a strong justification for it, it has implicit answers to both the states CP and the federalism DA. It's topical. The only thing is that it's very predictable - so, if you're running that kind of thing, know it better than anyone else.

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