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Most of the time theory files just go with the regular education, ground, fairness, strat skew, time skew arguements. Mine looks like:


Floating PICs Good

1.       Education -

a.       Forces better case writing – makes the plan be specific from the 1AC.

b.      Best policy option – makes the aff defend the entire plan and is key to finding the best policy option which is best for education.

2.       Ground

a.       Predictable – if you say something offensive, you should be prepared to defend it.

3.       Representations matter – key to rejecting racist slurs or arguments like genocide good.

4.       Err neg on theory – aff gets first and last speech and unlimited prep.

5.       No voter -- Reject the argument not the team.



I don't know why nobody else answered and hope you'll get it before too long.

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