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AT: Pessimism Bad

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I'm working on blocks for a Foucault K, and I'm struggling to understand how you respond to that. Do you say pessimism good? Or we're not pessimistic? Please help

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The point Foucault makes is not that we should adopt pessimism as a strategy like Wilderson does, but that if power is everywhere, we always have something to do. Basically we should constantly be resisting unilateral power relations, but that we should expect to fall short.


If you're defending pessimism as a method, I'm pretty sure that's not Foucault. For him it's just an outlook.


Lastly, Foucault’s entire corpus is sort of a perm, so I'm not sure he's the most strategic on the neg. Unless it's the biopower stuff in which case you're probably better off looking at Agamben and his work on study for a topic specific alt. There's an article you may want to look at called The Potentiality of Study by Tyson Lewis that outlines how students are reduced to bare life and how study (in an open-ended, self-justifying sense) is a way that we can resist that process.


Edit: I just realized I wasn't sure if you were writing aff blocks to a Foucault K or neg blocks to aff answers. That said, Foucault might say that pessimism is a totalizing strategy PROVIDED you're defending something like afro-pess. You should ideally want to perm the K, which would definitely solve the link, although it might mess up your method.


Basically it would be easier to answer the question if you tell what the aff is you're answering it with.

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