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Will Trade for Zizek Do Nothing Alt

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Another version of zizek alt: 


Finally, the Affirmative falls victim to the temptation to “directly intervene” and attempt to “change things.”
The Affirmative’s reforms are tolerated by the Capitalist system because it doesn’t approach the limit – the
actual solution is to reject the idea that action is required to solve problems. Our alternative is to say NO.

ZIZEK 2001

Slavoj, “Repeating Lenin”, http://www.lacan.com/replenin.htm
One is therefore tempted to turn around Marx's thesis 11: the first task today is precisely NOT to succumb to the temptation to
act, to directly intervene and change things (which then inevitably ends in a cul de sac of debilitating

impossibility: "what can one do against the global capital?"), but to question the hegemonic ideological

coordinates. If, today, one follows a direct call to act, this act will not be performed in an empty space - it
will be an act WITHIN the hegemonic ideological coordinates: those who "really want to do something to
help people" get involved in (undoubtedly honorable) exploits like Medecins sans frontiere, Greenpeace, feminist and anti-racist campaigns, which
are all not only tolerated, but even supported by the media, even if they seemingly enter the economic territory (say, denouncing and boycotting companies which
do not respect ecological conditions or which use child labor) - they are tolerated and supported as long as they do not get too
close to a certain limit. This kind of activity provides the perfect example of interpassivity: of doing things
not to achieve something, but to PREVENT from something really happening, really changing. All the frenetic
humanitarian, politically correct, etc., activity fits the formula of "Let's go on changing something all the time so that, globally,
things will remain the same!"

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