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Are there any live streams of the TOC this weekend?

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Does anyone know of any live streams/videos of the TOC?

My guess is no. The only channel I've known to stream TOC prelims in the past, Debate Stream, hasn't posted anything in roughly a year. The people who streamed at the NDT, Leeson-Schatz and Hartman, to my knowledge, aren't at the TOC, and if they are, they aren't streaming.




PS who do y'all think will win / get ts?


(mba kr / nish)


MBA KR would have been my prediction going into the tournament, but they're currently 2-2. So if they drop another prelim, they don't break. Personally, I'm very excited about what LASA MS is doing. They've been amazing these past few months, really pushing their game to new levels. And I think they're probably going deep into outrounds.


Top speaker, I really don't know. It depends on who hits whom in prelims. Just to throw a name out there, I'll say it'll be Jerry Wang from Peninsula.

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Currently New Trier BW is the only 6-0 Team.


I'm still betting on Peninsula to win, even though I have a gut feeling they'll drop in Octos.


Edit: Peninsula is the Top Seed with a 6-1 record. Peninsula JK and Head Rocye are in the Run-Off round for the 16th seed in Octos. New Trier BW, BCC EY, MBA CJ and BH, and Damien MP also finished with a 6-1 record. 

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