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Incidents @ Sea Neg

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Generic disad + PIC and hit em with that T violation as well. Maybe a neolib/cap k for good measure, depending on how you feel about condo.


Thats what i would do at least. For the most part, i dont cut what you would call case specific neg strats


In this case though, i might do appeasement with the link being that we lessen the potential costs for china expanding in the scs and ecs + HR condition because you can make an argument that qpq's solve appeasement, but that could be tricky because it would be hard to frame the aff as a concession and thus solvable by qpq. Maybe the counterplan could be some scs qpq with some other net benefit which also solves appeasement by getting china to back out of the scs, i dont know. There are also a handful of good t violations on this aff but im too tired to think of them


Actually now that i think about it, the 1nc would definitely be T, the security K, and case. But that's just me.


Sorry if that isnt super helpful, but those are my thoughts on the aff as a 2n

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