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The old WGLF rounds? Did anyone save them?

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I found the ancient rounds from (the non-existent) WGLF running up against Mercer and SIU (?) with Time Cube / Mao absolutely hilarious but havent seen them in ages. I went looking for them yesterday and was unable to find them (archive.com seems to show that the videos have been removed...)


Does anyone have them stored, saved, or backed-up?



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I saw these - but these werent the clips I remembered! The clips were shorter and dealt with different things. 


Time Cube was run against Mercer where WGLF commented on the prayer in round. "I want the ballot to make me a sandwich."

The Mao stuff was run against SIU (I think) where their right to speak was meant to be rejected for "book worship." 


Maybe I should contact "ani"? Do you remember the clips I am referencing? 

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