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What is the most beautiful flow you have ever seen? Could you describe how it made you feel? In detail?

but srsly, i low key feel like im flowing wrong, okay maybe not wrong but my flows definitely aren't ideal, could some post a picture of a flow so glorious and perfect it could put a man[person] to tears, just so I could grasp the absolute ideal.


Edit: Excusme, im so gendered

2ND Edit: actually I want to make this thread about what symbols they use. Specifically, the short hand that people have adopted to make the flow more beautiful. Photo's are good still


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For each card, i summarize the tag, below that put the cite, and below that any warrants i catch. For analyts i summarize the argument the same way i would for a card tag


On the question of shorthand here are some things i do:


-Capital S for solves

-Arrow to show a link or internal link (ex:china econ low ---> lashout)

-k2 for key to

-uq for uniqueness

-nu for nonunique

-ov for overview

-ow for outweighs

-il for internal link

-capital I for impact

-capital V for voter

-ROB for role of the ballot

-fw for framework

-to show a turn, i draw like a horizontal U-turn arrow if that makes sense

-i put a star next to arguments that my opponents dropped, because its very easy to forget to extend your own arguments if your opponents didnt bring them up

-upwards or downwards arrow to show increase or decrease


Thats all i can think of right now. If i think of more stuff I'll come back and edit this

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