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im about to start deciding which camp i want to go to next summer (if you couldnt tell by the title) and im getting conflicting reccomendations


for a lil background, i do national circuit LD (aka p much one person CX if you arent familiar with it) and cx sometimes (not on the nat circ tho)

not to toot my own horn or anything but i consider myself a pretty decent k debater??


i almost exclusively only run kritkal/performance affs and the k literally every round (and win off the k, btw)

i wanna go to a cx camp rather than an ld camp so i can improve my skills with tha k,

b/c if i wanna achieve my LD nat circ goals then i just need to improve my technical skills rather than topic-oriented skills



i was either planning on going to UTNIF for the 2 week skills intensive, or UNT for the K lab*


*(assuming in the off chance ill get into K lab (also, i literally know nothing abt UNT so if anyone could educate me on like the likelihood of me being/getting into/how to get into K lab id be greatly appreciative)


but the only conflict i have here is the fact i probably wont get into a good lab - ive obviously done CX before (lolz) but my main focus is LD?? (and obvi the LD that i do is literally just policy but) so i feel like i probably wont get into K lab or a good lab at all based on the fact that i most likely have less CX round experience than others (and more LD rounds)


plz help

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apparently comet debate institute (ut dallas' camp) and UNT merged and just posted it abt it 10 minutes ago

i guess UNT/MGW doesnt exist anymore


if anyone could recommend somewhere with a dank K lab tht would b gr8 i guess

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mich k lab was a great experience. i only got to go for 3 of the 7 weeks it was offered due to financial constraints, but it certainly improved me as a debater.


Wait, you can do that? Like choose to attend the 7 week, but only pay a certain amount and thus attend that amount of the camp?

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