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Me and a few others are looking to start selling files, trying not to use Evazon, as they do not pay their authors. If interested, send me (or turls) a message. Here's what is for sale:


Be sure to check out our website!


UPDATED: 5/21/2017


Kritik of Politics / Kritik of Politics DAs - $9
The argument is that the reformist logic of politics is trapped within a framework that has been structured to uphold the two-party system as a ruling class, which allows the FBI and CIA to function as a "secret police" to carry out imperialist violence. The alt level is diverse - changing the election system through policy, and rejecting this framework from the start to imagine other political systems. All cards in this file have been highlighted, this file has never been broken in round.

1NC. 2
UQ.. 5
Now.. 6
Rep Dying. 7
Links. 8
CIA and FBI 9
Democracy. 10
Generic. 11
Inclusive Reforms 12
Partisanship. 14
Reformism.. 16
Self-Policing. 17
I/L. 19
Trump. 20
Trumpism.. 21
MPX.. 22
Gridlock = No Solv. 23
Installing Democracy Bad. 24
Political Repression. 26
Alt 27
Imagining Key. 28
UCDA.. 29
Run Off 30
Proportional Representation. 32
Alt Card. 33
Solvecny. 34
Prez Solve. 35
Aff A2. 36
Alt 37
Gotta Wait 38


K Answer File - $12   ​**Currently not available**
The name says it all. This 56-page file has an assortment of cards, some new, some old. This file can be used to answer a wide variety of critical arguments, and many of perms can be applied elsewhere. The Foucault arguments can be used to answer a lot, as well. The rest of this file is specific indicts of authors like Butler, Baudrillard, queer ecologists, and ecofeminists, including arguments that 1) they don't solve, or 2) they're just silly. This also includes impact turns to K's such as Zizek Dark Ecology, Heidegger, Queer Pessimism, and Queer Theory with a state focus, either as a method or point of critique. This file also contains a PoMo counter-K, the argument is that PoMo followers are so entangled with the acceptance of random philosophy, that they can't tell what is legit and what isn't, the strategic value and explanations behind it are in the file. But wait, there's more! It also comes built in with theory - Condo bad, intrinsic perms good, K's bad, and vague alts bad. This is a must have if you have trouble with critical arguments, or come from a smaller school. Some cards in this file have been highlighted.

K Answers. 1
The Theory. 1
Conditionality Bad. 1
Intrinsic Perms Good. 1
Kritiks Bad. 1
Vague Alts. 1
Baudrillard. 1
Subjectivity K.. 1
2nc Subjectivity K – Overview.. 1
MPX Turns. 1
Perm.. 1
Butler 1
Butler Perform wrong. 1
Cap. 1
Purple Cap Perm.. 1
Dark Eco-Zizek Eco. 1
“Dark Eco” & ZZ > Terror and Stalinism.. 1
EcoFem – Queer 1
EcoFem =/= Sovle. 1
Heidegger 1
That dude was like King NAZI 1
Police Narrative 1
Perm.. 1
Foucault said it 1
Alt Civil Society. 1
Queer Pessimism.. 1
Queer Optimism.. 1
Queer Eco. 1
Queer Ecology Oversimplify. 1
Queer Eco bad. 1
Queer State Focus Bad. 1
K/Policy. 1
PoMo Gen K.. 1
Note. 1
K.. 1



Space Affirmative - $7
Pretty self explanatory, all of the evidence is hand cut, and comes with a pre-made 1AC. This aff has never been broken, the majority, if not all, cards are highlighted. The advantages include colonization, and the Overview Effect, as well as some other advantages which can be bolstered, such as solar power, space race, asteroid/moon mining, and general tech development. All of these cards were cut before the camp evidence was released, and includes unique arguments that are not in camp files, especially in regard to colonization.

Aff: Beyond Earth. 1
Chinese Exclusion Policy of NASA.. 1
Needs Filed. 1
1AC. 1
Contention 1: Coop. 1
Contention 2: Space 1
Scenario 1: Colonization. 1
Scenario 2: Overview Effect 1
Inherency. 1
It Prevents Coop. 1
Its sucks 1
Coop Inevitable 1
Surrogates. 1
Funding. 1
NASA Is broke (update to most recent budget) 1
Solvency. 1
Only Coop Solves 1
Funding/Tech. 1
Coop K2. 1
Repeal à Coop. 1
Wants Coop. 1
Both. 1
NASA Wants Coop. 1
China Wants Coop. 1
Adv. Generics. 1
I/L. 1
Coop Solve Laundry List 1
Space Mil. Scenario. 1
Space Race. 1
Perception/ Losing. 1
Solvency. 1
Coop K2 Solves 1
Colonization Scenario. 1
Solvency. 1
US/China Coop Spills Over 1
Laundry List of Methods 1
Solvency Mechs 1
Keys to Col 1
Biosphere Solvency. 1
Orbital Colonies 1
Near Earth Col Solves. 1
Hold Trillion People. 1
Overview Effect Link. 1
Solar Energy. 1
Mine Moon and NEO. 1
Solves Gravity. 1
Planets&animals K2, Orbital Col Solv. 1
Changes Culture 1
Mars. 1
Must Be Mars. 1
Mars Solves Extinctio. 1
Extinction Inevitable. 1
A2: 1
Who Gets to Go to Space. 1
Radiation. 1
Food: Space Gardening. 1
Tech Exists, Need Money. 1
Building Material – Mars Concrete. 1
Adaption DB8. 1
Must Consider Cultural/Biological Change. 1
Adaption Inevitable – No Speciation. 1
Adaption Inevitable – Genetic Mutations 1
Cultural Adaptation. 1
Overview Effect 1
Explanations/General 1
Explanation/Solves Differences 1
Stuff It Solves 1
Unites People 1
Solvency. 1
Communicable. 1
A2: DAs. 1
Red Spread. 1
Cold War Proves Not Commies. 1
A2: CP. 1
Privatization. 1
Fails. 1
A2: Politics. 1
UQ.. 1
Politics Stopping/China>Space. 1
Elections K2. 1
No Flip Flop K2 S. 1
President 1
Prez k2 US-China + Good. 1
GOP Oppose. 1
Repubs Fight 1
Frank Wolf Retired. 1
Plan Pop. 1
Flights => PeopleJ.. 1
Bolden 118 File Scandal 1
No Scandal 1
A2: T. 1
CNSA is Part of PROC. 1
A2: Ks. 1
Generics. 1
State Key. 1
Backfiles. 1
Colonization Back Files 1
Colonization Possible. 1
Extinction. 1
Economy. 1
Resource Wars 1
Environment 1
Laundry Lists 1
Frontier/Colonialism/Manifest Destiny Backfiles. 1
Links. 1
Alt Bad. 1
Permutation. 1





Queer IR K - $10

This critique can be used as a great catch all for many different types of affirmatives. This K comes with sixteen different link subcategories, plus a 1NC with a generic link. With many links to international engagement at a base level, China's nation-state formation, China's marketization, Class struggles, specific engagements strategies, Feminist IR, Women's Rights, Queer visibility, "Soft Power", Security, and more. They also have a 1NC alt and alternative alts to choose from. All cards are highlighted (may choose to highlight down for personal standards), Framework block with a couple module answers (like Reformism good), Perm block with carded DA, and every card except the perm DA has an extension written. This file is ready to go for 1NC and 2NC, all you have to do is be able to extend it to the 2NR, contextualize to the aff, and answer. 




Cuban Embargo Public Forum "K" Aff - $5

The aff affirms the resolution, but argues that the Cuban Embargo was founded on imperialist understandings of the world - the topic is a project to delegitimize not only those understandings of the world, but also to struggle towards a non-hierarchical society.




Bangladesh FInancial Capital DA - $5

By increasing investor confidence in the US and/or China, investors react accordingly and the capital exodus from Bangladesh into safer and more profitable ventures tank their economy. The second story is that by spending a lot on X project, the Chinese government runs out of funds to honor investment commitments. Comes with a Counterplan that says the US should invest in Bangladesh also.

1NC.. 4
Counterplan.. 5
DA.. 6
Links.. 11
Trade Agreements.. 12
US-China Trade.. 13
Chinese Spending.. 14
Military.. 16
Cybersecurity.. 17
Military Stability/SCS.. 18
Coop Projects.. 19
Arctic.. 20
Space.. 21
Renewable Energy/Climate.. 22
2NC.. 23
UQ.. 24
China Investing Now.. 25
Link.. 26
AT: “We don’t link”.. 27
AT: Link premise illegitimate.. 28
Financial Capital Answers.. 30
Zero Sum Game.. 31
AT: Capital High/Unlimited.. 32
AT: “Reinvest the Aff Econ Gains”.. 33
AT: Bengali Economy Stable.. 34
Impact Calculus.. 35
Poverty Outweighs.. 36
Utilitarianism.. 38
Deontology.. 40
Cap K Solves.. 41




Tongzhi Aff and Neg - $15

Tongzhi means “Comrade”, which originally originated in Mao’s China. This aff investigates queer temporalities through affective transnational discussions. Tongzhi and all queer people in China have been displaced both by forces within China, but also western academics. The negative comes with two kritiks and case answers. This aff file comes with a 1AC and two 1NC Ks. They have come ready to read, highligted and with overviews for many arguments. If you are interested in Kritikal debate, this file gives you unique inroads to discussing affect theory, queer theory, narratives, and kritikisms of humanism and post-humanism.

Aff 3
Gay Cowboys & Purple Aliens 4
1AC 5
2AC 19
Overview 20
Impact 22
Solvency 27
A2: Tongzhi Bad 31
A2: Tongzhi Assimilation 32
A2: Ks of Brokeback and Queer Theory 33
A2: Western Queer Theory 36
A2: Feminist K 37
A2: Kuer 40
A2: Qing K 42
A2: Queer Marxism 44
A2: Root Cause 46
A2: FW 49
Neg 51
Case 52
Brokeback – Neoliberal/Colonialist 53
“Tongzhi” Exclusionary 55
Qing K 58
1NC 59
Impact 64
Alt 66
Alt – Cheung’s Performance 68
Queer Marxism 71
1NC 72
2NC OV 80
Link- Temporalities 81
Link - Pluralizing the Human 85
Link - Queer Human Rights 88
Alt 91




Proliferation Good Core - $5

Nuclear proliferation is one of the most common arguments for why US' hegemony and US-China relations must me maintained. This file gives you impact turns to anti-proliferation arguments. Proliferation is a core part of the 2016-2017 Topic, as well as a major part of many other arguments. The thesis of this argument is that nuclear proliferation is positive. This covers scenarios ranging from Conflict Prevention to Nuclear Energy Development, to Asia Nuclear Proliferation, to Deterrence. This file also included impact defense to many of the most common nuclear war scenarios that you will hear. This file is truly a good buy for not only for upcoming nationals but also for building your backfiles. This file was compiled by TheSnowball and myself.



Proliferation Good 3
Introduction 4
Exodus Files 5
Conflict Prevention 6
*Conflict Prevention Module* 7
Model Proves 8
AT: Other Reasons for Peace 9
Nuclear Energy 10
*Nuclear Energy Module* 11
---*Air Pollution Impact* 14
AT: Bad For Environment 15
AT: Not Sustainable 16
AT: Reactor Accidents 17
AT: More Expensive 18
AT: Solar/Wind Better 19
Asia Proliferation 20
Asia Nukes Good 21
---Asia Nukes Inevitable 23
China Nukes Good 24
Japan/South Korea Nukes Good 25
--AT: US Nuclear Umbrella 27
--AT: Economic Backlash 29
--AT: NPT Pressure 30
--AT: Domino Effect / Arms Race 31
North Korea Nukes Good 32
Pakistan Nukes Good 33
Iran Nukes Good 35
Asia Prolif ≠ Nuke War 36
Deterrence 37
Prolif Inevitable 38
AT: Empirics Disprove 39
AT: Nuclear States Aggressive 40
AT: Asymmetry/Dyads 41
AT: International Law 42
AT: Humanitarian Law 43
AT: Conventional Deterrence 44
AT: Missile Defense Deterrence 45
AT: Arms Races 46
AT: US-Russia Arms Race 48
Nuclear Use 50
AT: Miscalculation 51
AT: Accidental Use 52
AT: False Alarms 53
AT: Use It or Lose It 54
AT: Trump/Nuclear Button 55





Rebalancing Narrative Aff - $15

Master narratives are the dominate telling of political and economic happenings. The United States has propagated a narrative of military Rebalancing around the world. These types of narrative are often papers over the struggles of peoples. To create change the creation of counter-narratives is a critical resistance strategy. This comes with a 1AC ready to read, followed by a variety of 2AC toolbox answers. This toolbox includes case overview, solvency extensions, answers to case turns, the state PIC (plan inclusive counterplan), popular disadvantage scenarios, Framework, and Kritiks like Afropessimism, Capitalism/Neoliberalism, and Academy/University. This file also includes case answers for the negative. This file comes with everything you need some of the most common negative positions.

1AC 3
2AC Toolbox 8
Case 9
Overview 10
Narrative Solvency - Oppression 11
A2 Narratives Bad 14
A2 Engagement Good 15
Framework/Topicality 16
Counter-Interp 17
Counter-Standards 18
A2 Fairness 20
A2 T-Version of Aff 21
A2 Stasis Point 22
A2 Switch Side Debate 23
State PIC 24
Capitalism Kritik 27
Links 28
Impact 30
Alt 31
Academy Kritik 32
Links 33
Alt 35
Afropessimism Kritik 36
Links 37
Alt 39
Disad/Counter-Plan Link Answers 44
Africa Engagement 45
Assertive China Link (Miscalc, SCS conflict, war, etc) 46
Bilateral Investment Treaty/Free Trade Agreements 48
IR Theory 49
Material Focus Link 50
South China Sea Link 51
NEG Case Answers 52



Post-Structural Geography K - $5

Post-structural critiques argue that ideologies have moved beyond the structural level; they now manifest and are proliferated on the personal level and it spills up into our institutions. This is a post-structural kritik of geographical understandings imposed onto China by critical and policy affirmatives. This file includes a ready to go 1NC, 2NC and 1NR cards with analytics and extensions of the 1NC, 10 links (3 to critical arguments and 7 to policy affirmatives), and a pre-made 2AC to answer this argument. At $5, this is a deal too good to miss out on.



Post-Structural Geography 2
1nc’s 3
Policy 4
2nc 7
Policy 8
Overview 9
Block args 11
Framework 12
A2 PERM 13
A2 Util 14
A2 Deontology 15
A2 state good 16
Inequality root cause 17
A2 reformism possible/Inevitability 18
A2 representations are real 19
More links 20
Cardinal Directions 21
Great Wall of China 22
China knowability link (In the policy 1nc) 23
China relations link (in the policy 1nc) 24
Humanism link 26
China War Link 27
International Law/ China trade link 29
K links 31
Advocacy statement link 32
University as a site of resistance link 33
Social justice type stuff link 34
2ac 35



STEM Affirmative - $10

The current state of US stem education is declining, and there are many prevalent reasons as to why STEM competitiveness is necessary for the state of American hegemony and climate change. Investing in stem will also assist in the gender and racial wage gaps that exist within the United States, and help give students who are a minority a space and role model for them to engage in science with.



STEM Affirmative 1
1AC 5
Advantage 1 – Climate Change 6
Advantage 2 – Technology Leadership 11
Solvency 15
2AC Overviews 18
Advantage 1 – Climate Change 19
Advantage 2 – Technology Leadership 20
Solvency 21
Inherency 22
STEM Failing Now 23
STEM funding 24
Academic Achievement Gaps 27
Teacher Qualification 29
Assessment Rankings 30
Advantages 31
Climate change 32
Water Crisis UQ 33
Scarcity > Water Wars 37
Water Wars > Instability 39
Water Wars > ISIS/Instability/Failed States 40
Starvation/Natural Disasters/Displacement 42
Terrorism 44
Threat Multiplier 45
Economy 46
UQ Downturn 47
UQ Slow Growth Now 49
STEM Key to Competitiveness 50
STEM Innovation Key to Economy/Competitiveness 51
STEM Innovation Key to Economy/Laundry List 52
Middle STEM Key Close Skill Gap 53
STEM Skills Gap Key to Competitiveness 54
STEM Key to Workforce 55
Skilled Workforce Key Economy 57
USFG Key STEM To Innovation 58
Sexism 59
UQ - Not Getting Degrees 60
STEM = Sexist 61
USFG Key to Change 62
Change Attitudes Key 63
Sexism Worsens Skills Gap 64
Key To Solve Women’s Health 65
Pay Gap - Economy 66
Space 67
STEM Key 68
Overview Effect – Environment/Unity 69
Overview Effet – War/Racism/Violence 71
We have 100 Years To Extinction 73
Extinction Inevitable 74
Technology Leadership 75
UQ – Faling Behind 76
STEM Key to Hegemony 77
China Replacing 80
Over Expansion > Collapse 82
Solvency 83
Career Focused 84
Translate Skills 85
Early STEM 87
Economy 88
Democracy/National Security/Industry 89
Long-term 90
Starts with teachers 91
Case Answers 92
Status Quo Solves 93
New Laws ≠ Solve Aff 94
No Water Wars 95
Climate = Unpredictable 96
Climate Denial 97
Ignores Existential Impacts 98
Counter Plans Answers 99
Private Sector – STEM Pipeline 103
Perms 104
Offense/Solvency 105
Disadvantages Answers 106
Arts (STEAM) Trade-Off 107
Bad For STEM 108
Bad For Arts 109
Military Trade-Off 110
Militarism Bad – Aff Changes 111
Kritiks Answers 112
Generic Answers 113
Scientific Epistemology Right 114
Biopolitics 116
Perm 117
Solves Environment 118
Capitalism 120
STEM > Green Economic Growth 121
Profit-Drive Key To Space 122
Key To Mars Colonization – Public Not Solve 123
Heidegger (King Nazi) 124
Reject – Even If Not Nazi 125
Used Nazis = Racist/Sexist 127
Justified Holocaust – Key To Philosophy 128
Specification Answers 131
Aff – STEM Specification 132
2AC STEM Specification 133
AT: Takes Out Solvency 135
Topicality Answers 136
STEM =/= K-12 137
Definition - STEM = All Grades 138
Elementary And Secondary 139
Definition - Elementary + Secondary = K-12 140



Weekly Politics Updates - Price Varies

Get a weekly politics file - Scenarios change depending on what's happening at a particular time, and prices will change depending on how new the update is. All non-unique politics updates get published as free.



Also taking requests for specific files and arguments, which have prices that are, of course, negotiable.

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Hate to bump this thread, but I think it goes largely unnoticed. With the TOC coming in a few days, we've pumped out a few files. Take a look, and be sure you're ready for the TOC, on both aff and neg. Good luck to all those competing this weekend! :)

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