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Link Uniqueness -- China Topic

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Considering that we have engaged with China on several aspects (cyber, climate, BITs, other econ engagement, etc.) already, how does the neg overcome the "no link uniqueness" argument on the DA when the aff spikes out in which some form of a cooperation like it has already been done and hasn't triggered the DA?

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You need to contextualize the link to the specific Aff. For example, if you're arguing the Japan DA, your uniqueness argument isn't "we're not engaging China now," it's "Japan's not freaked out by our security posture now." Engaging now over global warming won't scare Japan but U.S.-China military exercises in the SCS sure would.

The other thing you want is a brink argument. Say you're arguing the appeasement DA. Sure, there's engagement now. But our recent uniqueness evidence indicates that there's still a perception from China that we're containing them such that they aren't pursuing an aggressive strategy. The Aff tips the scale by sending a signal of engagement in the midst of increasing containment.

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