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Most policy affs link to anthro lol.. just make sure there aren't any links which is unlikely. But anyway, just go to https://openevidence.debatecoaches.org/2014/ and search anthro, this was the ocean topic so plenty of anthro ks.. each file should obviously have an assortment of decent impacts. Sorry, I'm currently too lazy to compile a file myself.


edit: due to recent events, i assure you that the link is not a rickroll.. sorry to disappoint. 

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Yeah everyone above has got it spot on, from what I know about anthro, most policy-minded impacts conflict with the thesis of the argument. You either have to go all in with anthro, which you could be out-anthro-ed by someone who argues policy action cannot solve the issue and what not, or just stick to traditional policy impacts (boring).


Feel free to correct me if I am wrong, I am certainly no expert.

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