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If you haven't seen the first post, I was going to expose the most notorious troller ever AKA: MNTE AKA: NativeWarlock. Unfortunetly the WES AKA: World Exposing Servers were down so I couldn't expose him, like I promised my fan-base. We will expose him by the end of today and mark my words, WE WILL GET REVENGE for the harms Native Warlock has done to all of us...


Thank you on taking part of this journey

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Dankestshrek has come forth- he has taken responsibility for posting excessive and explicit images of specific fairytale creatures on your dropbox. This may include human and nonhuman forms of Shrek- however we do not defend white male Shrek as canon.


My deepest apologies- there will be no more shrekerotica appearing on your dropbox.



For now ;)

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