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I think instead of reading up on traditional Marxism or neo-liberalism critiques, you should focus on more contemporary authors like Zizek and Smith. While in the past, debates on capitalism were mostly based on mentality and/or the state, cap debaters now usually prefer to discuss the super-structures of capital and state itself.


Also, alternatives have changed. In the past, most debates had alts based on revolution and negs based on transition wars (even though Animal Farm has been out for 70 years), but now debates are probably going to revolve around the idea of exhaustion; pushing capitalism so far and consuming the planet so fast that the system tears itself apart, at least that was the explanation I've gotten from college alums.


Note: I don't debate cap so bear in mind some skepticism.

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Fredric Jameson's Postmodern Chinese Capitalism

Slavoj Zizek's Authoritarian Capitalist China

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