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Does anyone happen to have access to the file that was posted here? - https://www.cross-x.com/topic/56352-this-is-a-bit-overdue/

I'm trying to cut a new security K for the China topic but the dropbox link looks like it's dead.

Don't use an old K in my opinion. They're not about China. Cut cards from Pan about China threat construction and China-based self fulfilling prophecy and impact cards. Or wait for openev on this topic.

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Occurs to me that there are probably Ks of borders and refugees discourse that might be usable in the context of North Korea collapse. Not sure which backfiles to check, but I definitely remember seeing arguments along these lines on the college wiki a few years ago. It's a pretty specific link, so not useful to anyone not building a master Pan file, but I think Pan would be a fun generic K to use next year.

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