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2016 Baudrillard Diplomacy Bad file - China Topic

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Hey everyone, I wrote a Baudrillard file specifically for this high school topic, but since the Evazon seems pretty dead in terms of authors getting paid, I have decided to just promote it here. This is a 250 page file, made up of mostly cards (there are some blocks as well) designed to prove why diplomatic or economic engagement with China is only a strategy to perfect the new neoliberal order which has shifted from containment to cooperation as a means of enacting violence. No, these aren't just a bunch of throwback cards about death or reversibility. These are second wave authors who are criticizing diplomatic engagement from a post modern perspective. 


I am selling the file for 10 dollars. I will accept Venmo, Paypal, or google wallet. My email is sam.gustavson@gmail.com


Here's the table of contents: 


Table of Contents
Diplomacy K – Baudrillard 5
1NC 6
Generic 7
China Links 13
China Link - Thesis 14
China Metaphysics Link 18
Economizing China Link 21
Regional Privilege Link 25
China Security Link 29
China Racialization Link 35
A2: China Studies 37
A2: China=Realist 40
Realism Turn 42
China Energy Security Link 44
China Link- Quoting Officials 50
2NC China Link – A2 Perm 54
China Currency Link 55
Prognosis Link 60
“Security Dilemma” Link 62
Diplomacy/Engagement Links 65
Alliance Link- Neolib 66
Asia Integration Link 69
Climate Coop Link 71
Disease Coop Link 73
Economization Link 75
Power Transition Link 77
IR Links 81
Central Asia – Hartwell 82
Climate Science 83
Deterrence – Baudrillard 88
Deterrence Link (Eco Impact) 91
Deterrence Link (Japan) 93
Drones Focus Bad 95
Government Simulation Link 97
Heg Link 100
Iran Coop Link 102
Iran Prolif/Coop Link 104
Japan Link - Modernization 107
Russia Link 110
Saudi/Israel Appeasement Link 112
Security Dilemma – Lundborg 115
South Korea - (Development) 117
South Korea - (Necropolitics) 119
South Korea – Hughes (Middle Power) 121
Terrorism Link 123
War Link (Hyperreality) 126
K Aff Links 129
Burke/Cosmopolitanism 130
Cruel Optimism – Bishop and Phillips 132
Diplomatic Equality Link 134
Fetishizing Violence Link 136
Multiculturalism Link 139
Positive Peace Link 140
Recuperation Link 142
A2:“Negative State Action” 144
Impacts 146
War RC – Oberg 147
Extinction – Vattimo 150
Asia Security Impact 154
Bunkers Impact 156
Global Racism Impact 158
Charity Cannibalism Impact 161
Topic Alts 163
1NC Fatal Strategy (China) 164
1NC Reject Order Transition 166
Hostile Critic Alt 172
Generic Alts 174
Radical Thought Alt 175
Insurrection Alt 177
Singularity Alt 180
Untenability Alt 182
Russia Alt 184
South Korea Alt 190
Terrorism Alt 199
Answers 202
2NC FW/OV 203
2NC Nordin Link Ext. 205
2NC Impact Debate 206
2NC Alt Ext. 207
A2: We Solve Security 208
A2: Perm – Diplomacy DA 211
A2 Perm - Generic 212
A2: Cede the Political 214
A2: Alt=Nihilism 216
A2: Reality 219
A2: Negative State Action 221
A2: Agonism 222
2NC Japan Link Ext 224
A2: Perm – Japan – Nordin 225
2NC Survivalism Link Ext. 226
A2: Politics Not Reversible 230
A2: Seduction=Sexist 232
A2: You do nothing 235
A2: Loader (Difference Good) 238
A2: Kolers (Liberalism turn) 239
A2 Sociology 241
A2: Reactionary Security Worse 244
A2: Reform Security 247
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I officially endorse the hell out of this file and Sam Gustavson unequivocally. 

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