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Neoliberalism Explanation

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If you want some good explanations on neoliberalism, as well as a response to Squirreloid's argument that its mostly a perjorative term, these two articels from your favorite socialist news site are good explainers.






Admittedly, the way neobliberalism is bandied about in debate and academic circles does make it a fairly difficult word to define, and its been misused and abused often.



That's a marxism argument.  In the marxist view, economic class is the cause of everything in some way.  (If it wasn't caused by capitalism, it would be caused by some other economic structuring in which there were different classes).  The Soviet Union (for example) continued to blame the bourgeoisie for problems long after there was no real bourgeoisie to blame.  When class explains everything, you always look for an explanation in terms of class.  (When all you have is a hammer, everything looks like a nail).


Eh, yes but no.  In the Marxist view, most things are caused by the material distribution of wealth.  For a Marxist, the explanation for terrorism would probably go along the lines of economic deprivation causes people to do shit to fight back, even if its not just or effective, because they want to lash out against a system that opreses them.  Marxism DOES recognize that people can have deeply held genuine ideological beliefs---it just mostly thinks those beliefs are the result of the manipulation of evil capitalists, and are usually used to split the proletariat into fighting each other and prevent them from realizing their true enemies (and source of their problems) is global capitalism.


However, Marxists aren't a monolithic group, and I don't think Marx himself would adhere to hyper-orthodox explanations of him that cast economic distrubution of power as the root cause of literally everything ever.  However, the core of his argument (which is held by a lot of non-marxists as well) is that economic and material factors are the primary drivers in most social and political movements are conflicts

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My understanding of the cap/neloib dichotomy is that capitalism is an economic system whereas neoliberalism is the structure that allows capitalism to spread and grow. Capitalism defines more conservative forms of economics, thinks like free-market, profit drive, etc.. Neoliberlaism is the modern structures of capitalism's branches for things like neo-colonial expansion, resource exploitation, country developments, etc., things that necessitate the constant spread of capitalism to keep the system alive. That's why the general consensus for most hs debaters tends to be a domestic topic means you call your cap K cap and a foreign topic you call your cap K neolib, which is neither here nor there.


Then again, in the end, the difference doesn't really matter. Most authors aren't going to have any sort of different method/thesis about one as opposed to the other.

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