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Surveillance- DankestShrek (A) vs NativeWARLOCK

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This was an interesting debate, and a very difficult one to judge.


I vote Neg.


RFD: The argument this came down to is the texts of the plan and CP. I think that the Aff misinterprets the CP to mean that the Neg is making being a white supremacist a racial thing rather than a political one, when I think the CP only contends that if someone is a white supremacist/right-wing terrorist you can monitor them on the basis of race, religion, or ethnicity. The CP isn't saying you can monitor anyone on the basis of being a white supremacist, rather you can monitor white supremacists on the basis of race. Because most of the Aff answers to the CP are predicated on this understanding, I have a lot of conceded offense. Any risk the Neg wins that the CP alone is key to fighting white nationalism, hate crimes, violence etc. means I vote Neg. The CP solves and turns the Aff even before I consider the DA.

^^^^^^even if you had to look to the DA, do you think the cp solved it? Or is blood quantum the establishing factor of race, therefore you cant say "only take blood of white people to see if they're white"?^^^^^^


Other notes:

-I think the Aff plan text is way to vague for their one advantage.

1. They only use the word "surveillance" which forces me to accept that blood quantum monitoring is a type of surveillance.

2. Most of the Neg's offense would be avoided if you made your plan text to cease the use of FBI informants in Islamic communities.

-I think that PICs and severance cancel out - the Aff wouldn't have to make that perm if you didn't run a PIC. But that didn't end up mattering.

^^^would you explain this a bit more even though it didn't matter?^^^^

-Good job to both, very fun round to judge. Hopefully these things are helpful - I haven't judged that many rounds yet.


1. I think the CP solved very little of the DA. I don't think there are many white people who claim to be right-wing terrorists who also claim to be Native American.

2. You ran a PIC which severed out of part of the Aff, so they had to make a perm that severed which proves your PIC is abusive. Any offense you win on severance is a reason your PIC is bad.


As for the other question, I thought the 2NR was the right choice. I think I bought "They make it impossible to be Aff, framework kinda solves Antonio." And the K did link in some ways, but I thought the Aff did a pretty good job answering it.

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Thanks for judging

Fare assessment of the round

10/10 would bang

Yeah thanks. I went back and forth on that because at first I agreed with what you said with the CP being mutually exclusive, but the more I read the CP text, the more confusing it got. I definitely saw where you were coming from on that.

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Also like for future notice on Blood Quantums , Blood quantums Aren't A) Legally enforced by the united states federal government B) Aren't even mandated by the USFG , all the government does is require a mechanism to determine tribal membership.

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