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How much financial aid do they give/how much did you get? How much is it realistically possible to get off with a pretty impressive record and major financial inability to pay? 


Also if you went, how was it? How would you compare it to say 5 week soph Gonzaga or 4 week SDI? What did you do in the free time? How K heavy is it? How competitive are the other kids who go there (and compared to other camps as well)?

Any really good teams going to it this year?


Is the lab split up into sophomores and the juniors and seniors or by top lab and bottom lab?

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On financial aid- I applied this year with the early special whatever and it took 750$ off. My parents were hoping for more so we emailed them. With all our other inquiries, they answered within 6 hours but it's been three weeks and they have yet to get back to us about more aid. In other words, good luck getting more than 750$ off.


Edit: also, I hear it's more k heavy than sdi but idk about gonzaga

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