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Answers to Postman?

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Unless you cite like the Channel 5 news or whatever, this doesn't link. It's basically a bunch of old people lamenting the move from books to reality TV. I'm sure you could find similar works written in the 50's about the "death of culture" due to rock and roll.


There are two ways to go about answering it

1) The easy way.

Case outweighs. They don't have an impact. As long as you answer their extremely asinine D rule argument you're fine.

Point out the qualifications and context of publication of your cards (hopefully academic journals for most things except uq cards) and their scholarly contrast and then contrast them to the kind of sources their evidence describes.

Then perm. You can say reality TV is bad (ie the epistemological criticism of the alt) and reduce surveillance.


2) If you defend a K aff just impact turn the parts that link. First, set up a no link claim as described above and impact turn the rest. If you defend anything pomo then justify why your reading of like Finding Nemo or whatever is good/useful (think along the lines of Halberstam's arguments about the 'silly Academy.')


If you have like a GBTL aff or whatever, have reasons why indigenous pedagogy are good.


With a K aff, you can probably win on the no Link claim because anyone who seriously runs this will probably be pretty bad at articulating a specific link (no offense intended) but you want to have reasons why any parts that might link are good so you can preempt the block, making the 1ar easier and swaying the judge your way in terms of putting the debate together.

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This could actually be a great Kritik if you combined some cards from Manufacturing Consent by Noam Chomsky and the Debord card that says, "capitalism alienates consumption". That would give it a "4th world" type violence impact and a better link scenario.

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