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Best Camp for this situation

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Hey yall,


My parents an unwilling to put down more than 2000 for debate camp, which really limits my options. I am a rising senior, and my partner is going to a pretty good camp, and I'm looking for the best camp that I could go to in this situation that could increase our chances of making it to some bid rounds next year. I am willing to work extensively, regardless of where I end up. Right now, I am considering the 4 week K lab at the GDI as I know I can get enough of a scholarship there to reach the 2000 range, but if anyone as any other suggestions or feedback, that would be very helpful! thank you(:


Also, to advance this question, is the week GDI K lab sufficient to set somebody up for reaching bid rounds? 

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I was in the GDI 4 week K lab last year, and I had a great experience. It's definitely not a top lab by any means, but the instructors are super knowledgable and willing to help you learn. On the topic of bids/bid rounds - I think only one person from my lab actually qualled this year, but most of us made it to bid rounds at one point or another. I think that a couple of my friends from that lab just won their state tournaments, so that's also pretty good. I would definitely recommend going if you can. If you have any other/more specific questions, just let me know. :)

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