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Moving to Utah, good teams/schools in the Utah circuit?

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So I'm likely going to move to Utah (Salt Lake City area) and I'm wondering who the best teams are up there. Also, wondering who the good extemp people are up there if anyone knows. So like if you could do it per the numerical list that would be great:

1. I'm from the Oklahoma circuit and we don't do "Varsity" and "JV" we just have 6A and Novice. Is it any different up in Utah?

2. How Kritikal is the circuit from 1-10?

3. Who are the top three teams and what are they running?

4. What are the top three schools and how are the good?

5. Overall, how much competition is there on the circuit in terms of policy and DEX (or USX) is there?




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Rowland Hall and Juan Diego are the 2 big schools and they have bid teams every year.


How's the competition in DEX? Also, how good is Brigham?

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