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Why is their no videos for policy this year (HS)?

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Here are the videos I found upon a quick youtube hunt



Skyline AA's Black Boy Survival 1AC


Damus Round 1 --- Chaminade CK vs Damien AY


Damus Round 2 --- Chaminade CK vs Juan Diego DM

Damus Round 4 --- Chaminade CK vs Interlake DS



Damus Round 5 --- Chaminade CK vs Canyon Crest RT

Damus Round 6 --- Chaminade CK vs Juan Diego MS


La Costa Canyon Round 1 --- Chaminade AL vs Nevada Union FH

La Costa Canyon Round 3 --- Chaminade AL vs Damien CJ


La Costa Canyon Round 5 --- Chaminade AL vs Peninsula MS 


La Costa Canyon Round 6 --- Chaminade AL vs Damien HR 

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UPDATE -- Ran into some streamed videos on facebook from the Urban Debate National Championship this weekend.



NAUDL Nats Round 5 --- Coppin Academy CD vs East Early RH




NAUDL Nats Round ?? --- Coppin Academy CD vs Brooklyn Tech SM


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Does anyone know if any TOC rounds will be recorded/posted?


Yes, I believe Monica Medeiros and some others will be streaming at the ToC since Ricardo isn't going this year.


Check out the High School Policy facebook page for more details.

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