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Fun cases and general files

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I haven't been in debate pretty long and go to a pretty small school, so two requests for this community (which i joined a couple weeks ago and found that it is awesome)


1. Anyone have any funny/joke cases and files? Im not planning on reading them in round, i have respect for debate, but I just wanted to look at them and read them


2. Anyone have generic answer files? Answers to really general args that are run on every topic (cap, etc..) it seems like a lot of people have those answers and i dont think i have any sort of access to them



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So I've got "A Troll's Excalibur," which is a collection of everything you need to troll. It has some of the stuff WGLF ran, as well as the 1N's burden, timecube, Ashtar, Bronies, and more. Also has answers to Timecube and Baudrillard K, Identity Negative, Nietzsche K, K of Debate Aff, Performance Debate Good/Bad, and Trans Rage K. Everything you need to trigger people, all in one folder. It's appropriately called "How to Get Kicked Out of Debate.


You can download it here, or you can torrent it with this info hash:


Disclaimer: Do not run any of this crap. It's not funny... is what they want me to say...

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