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Foucault and Queer theory

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1) What is bare life and how does Biopower relate to it? 2) What do you say to queer theory affs, and what is the point of having a narrative at the beginning of the aff/kritik? (If the title made them seem related questions they aren't, I just need help on both)

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I'm afraid I can only be of help to the first question:


Bare life, a term coined by Georgio Agamben, is life that can be killed without consequence. An example of this would be something like Guantanamo Bay where we, as citizens, don't hear about anything that goes on there and prisoners can essentially be killed without a) anyone knowing B) without any consequence. 


Biopower relates to bare life because it exercises the sovereign's (government's) right to kill or power at the level of life. 

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