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Best K's for the 1-Off K?

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So, I'm going to a progressive tournament this weekend (for the first time in forever, the stock judges are slowly strangling me), and I'm really interested in the 1-Off K strat. My sibling said that I should focus on Heidegger and Biopower, but I was wondering what else would make for a good 1-Off K (preferably something that I can make a file off of relatively quickly/not Nietzsche or Schopey). 


I'm not really interested in winning at this tournament-- more experimentation and testing the waters (hopefully my first time in progressive Varsity!) if anything. 


To save time, I'm mainly interested in race theory (but it's starting to get really common and idk if it's a good idea for me to run it), queer theory (not strategically sound but kinda hella because queerness), and idk maybe things with good root cause arguments...? 


Thanks in advance!

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