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How to answer PICs/PIKs without theory

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I've been losing to PICs (especially PIKs, since I read critical positions) a decent amount, mainly when I have judges who would not be sympathetic to theory at all. Since reading theory is out of the question, the only strategy I've been going for is trying to find NBs to the aff over the PIC. Aside from the usual ways to answer a PIC, are there any blocks about how PICs are bad in a K debate (such as that they're oppressive, etc) or things like that?

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If it's a floating PIK, as long as you catch it early in the debate like the 1AR, you should be able to convince the judge that the PIK is cheating. There's almost no judge that will err negative on a floating PIK in a debate...

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I don't think its possible.  Without theory you can't get your aff back.


Impact turn the alternative. 

1) Transition type stuff.

2) K gets rid of stuff that actually helps us do stuff the K talks about or favors.


Implicate the concrete ways in which the alternative takes away what we need for change.


K is self-contradictory.  (this is an argument with warrant)


Figure out how their alternative or link allows you to access your case impacts.


* Note: its kind of hard to walk this fine line--but hopefully you can make this argument without begging the question of the critique in the first place.

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