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Looking For any and all Kritiks

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Heyo, I'm looking to expanded my knowledge of kritiks in debate as I enter my second year. If you have any kritiks you are looking to share/trade feel free to post them here or PM me.


Have Already (and willing to trade):

Critical Race Theory




Whiteness Kritik





Looking for:

Everything else

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I have Nietzsche, and Tech Innovation that have done wonders for me this season, I have Cap, but I'm looking for a better cap shell, I'll trade. 

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have to trade:


k of stands

k of popped collars

k of white boys

k of flowing

k of you

k of the universe

k of existence

and the 400 page heidegger file (with new, never before read evidence)




deleuzoschizorhizomal deconstruction ressentiment simulcra k of econ impacts

scholars critical of critical critics of critical amoeba theory

the (de)constructive (pro)rebuttal k

death is something your mom made up to scare you k

becoming majority of the becoming in the american becoming coming of the end of the becoming k

and cap

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