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Neg Strat for Transparent Tourist aff

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Topicality! T- USFG definitely applies here.  I was just reading a decent T/Framework camp file which had something to say about the way anti-topical debate encourages flight to extreme single-author-advocacies because it pre-empts any specific debate (too new or too marginal to have responses - likely both in this case) and forces negs to rely on hyper-generic totalizing positions like anthro and cap Ks to generate any offense.  This case is only 2 authors, and 90% of it is Hall 15.  


Put away the terror DA?  Airport security is one of the instances in which threats really are real.  The history of airport security has been an arms race between terrorists and security personnel, generally with terrorists leading the way and security personnel struggling to close security holes in their wake.  From the plane hijackings in the 70s to the underwear and shoe bombs of recent memory, it is terrorists who have driven the need for increased security, not aimless fear of them.  I still remember people who weren't flying meeting you at the gate, or accompanying you to the gate.  And I remember when you could walk through the metal detector with your jacket/shoes/etc... still on.  My parents remember when there weren't any metal detectors or scanners of any kind.  Those things changed because terrorists took advantage of that laxness.


And the Aff's 'generalized anxiety' and 'everyone is a suspect' mentality is a consequence of avoiding the 'unspeakable violence to racialized bodies' that profiling would generate.  If security personnel can't target surveillance to those who are likely to be terrorists, they have to target everyone.


So on the one hand, their advocacy is directly asking for an increase in successful terrorist attacks.  That's a cost measured in bodies. 


On the other hand, what the heck does "affirming opacity as a strategy" even mean?  What do they do?  Pound them on solvency. As far as i can tell their advocacy is meaningless.  And that appears to be a strategic attempt to deny you specific links to terrorism by not putting into words the kinds of policies it seems to require, which is in-round abuse.  It sounds nice to say high theory principles like 'we need to embrace opacity', but the concrete realization of that is fewer or no metal detectors and other security measures.  It's the exact same kind of disconnect you get in communism, where 'to each according to their need' sounds like a lofty principle, but the practical reality was the Soviet Union, the worst mass-murdering government in the history of the world.


Theory is nice and all, but making policy means getting your hands dirty and playing in the mud in order to build something.  And those theorists bear responsibility for all the dead bodies that result from putting their theory into practice.

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So...being opaque in the context of Airport Security and fears of terrorists seems like it'd go really really poorly. When people, for instance, try speaking Farsi to the TSA, they don't take it well.

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 Do you want the policy strat 1nc we cut against this aff : 

 i think its honestly more of a question of how do we stop 

like first you can run a terror DA just put a card bout like after 9/11 and other terrorist attacks this shit gets worst 

 make an exceptions CP : 

where it'd be like a an expection for trans people -  solves the terror DA and case a bit better - and also like pragmatism 



also framework just cuz Topical Verison of the Aff is tooo real against this aff: just be ready more the dialogue of the 1ac gets distracted cuz you just run politics or some bullshit like that 

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