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Answering Crip Poetics/Ableism Kritiks

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I usually read affs centered on identity politics, and am trying to prep answers to Crip Poetics/Ableism but am not sure what kinds of arguements are effective.


The only concrete answer I have is 1 card that warrants a perm (doing the advocacy in the mindset of the alt), but it isn't the best of cards/args


College Prep is one I've noticed, but there are definitely more teams reading this kritik/performance http://hspolicy.debatecoaches.org/College+Prep/Harper-Sessions+Neg


Cards would be good too, or just args

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Hey, I know that this thread has been inactive for a long time but I was wondering if anyone has found any arguments to be particularly effective against this sort of crip poetry style argument or just like critical disability studies arguments in general? I was told that one of the people on that college prep team referenced in the first post just got to finals of the RKS tournament reading a disability aff every round and so it sounds like that sort of argument is going to come back this year again.

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