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What is this argument and who do you answer it as a K Aff?


EDIT: That was probably confusing. How do you answer it if you are neg, and it is ran as a K Aff. 

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Lol, this arg was primarily popularized by centennial, but it's structured around exposing the model minority myth which is a white construct of the Asian identity - this reinforces dominant stereotypes of Asians as hardworking which silences the oppression of Asian and justifies the resentment and violence against other bodies of color who are constantly told that racism poses no barriers to success because Asians can do it.


Conscientization is essentially a process of intra-locality/self-reflection, where we expose and investigate where we are policed and police others on the racial spectrum - the lit says that conscientization inspires commitment to action.

I've been reading this argument for the past year, and am reading it on this year's rez too, look to my wiki, my affs are usually an Indian American take on centennial's model minority args.

Most effective strats against this from my experiences have been Wilderson,and as much as I hate it, the usual framework (which doesn't make for a productive debate, but imig).

But usually people read the general cap, anthro, tuck and yang (who say conscientization trades off with decolonization), suffering reps, opacity...

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Just curious, who else is reading an asian conscientization aff?


(I'm assuming someone else is reading it and you're prepping for it)

Thanks. A smaller, local(ish) team. Little Rock Central JJ. 

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