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Hey all,

What should I do in order to prepare to debate against elections disads? Besides the fact that the election is super far away, the only ones I've found say Clinton wins now, plan stops that, Clinton good. There are obviously more candidates and more potential consequences. Should I be fine if I just prepare for the one? Or should I make a link turn to every possible candidate?


Also, if someone ran an elections advantage (DA with a link turn), like Clinton loses now, plan makes her win, Clinton good, could the negative say counterplan: elect Clinton? Just in theory?




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If you want to get creative with how ridiculous elections DAs are at the moment, try to dig up some articles from Fall 2007 about how Hillary was the only possible Democratic nominee and was certain to win the election :)


I'd put together a solid "elections are completely unpredictable a year in advance"/"plan won't affect an election" block for any random election DA, and then you can go into more detail on the scenarios that turn out to be more common.

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