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Baller Recent Russia Impact

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Cut this for Nationals and then never did much with it. It's also the only half decent impact card I've ever cut, so I'm hoping that a camp or someone may find use of it for a Russian relations scenario or something. It talks about how U.S. officials have been discussing strategic nuclear strikes against Russian targets to curb militarization (the implication is that it's a response to Ukraine militarization, but it can work in other contexts too). The great part is that it's from this month!






Go forth and Conquer!


Edit: Whoops, double, my bad

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AFAICT, that source is misunderstanding the language being used by the primary source.  They aren't talking about launching a nuclear strike, they're talking about deploying nuclear missiles so they are ready to fire in case the situation escalates.  Deployment =/= launching.  A deployed missile has a target selected and is kept in a launch-ready state.


Which doesn't mean some evidence relating to this would be bad - it is an escalation scenario.  But the author dramatically overstates what this means.


The ideological bias of the author is pretty obvious too.  Anyone who isn't an apologist for Russia knows and admits that Russia is backing the militants in Ukraine.  Pure fantasy to pretend Russia isn't the instigator here.

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