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Politics Files for NFLs and NCFLs

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For those of you who wish to buy a Thursday File for Catholic and Forensic Nationals in the upcoming weeks, we will have both on sale for $5 at Duhbait.com.

I'm posting it now just in case cross-x.com is no longer accessible after tonight.

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The end may be nigh


Wait ahhh my only alternative


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yeah it works for me now-- just a brief moment where cloudflare wasn't happy

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Didn't know there were still debate tournaments this late into the year 

Two major nationals left; Catholic Forensic Nationals, and the National Speech and Debate Association Nationals (formerly NFLs).

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The file is available for download!

This file was done by Evan Runburg. Evan debated for Homewood Flossmoor in high school, qualifying to the Tournament of Champions both his junior, and his senior year. He was in the late elims of nearly every national tournament, including (but not limited to) Berkeley, Dowling, and Niles. He now is a debater at Michigan State University and will work at the Spartan Debate Institute over the summer.

This is the highest quality file you can buy this weekend, 68 pages full of evidence from the past month.


Table of Contents:


NCFLs Politics Update – Duhbait.

TPA – Neg.


TPA Uniqueness.

Will Pass---2NC.

Will Pass---2NC A2 Senate / A2 Amendments.

Will Pass---2NC A2 Dems.

Will Pass---2NC A2 House Dems.

A2 Thumpers – General

A2 Thumpers – NSA..

A2 Thumpers – Ex-Im..

TPA Good – Impact Debate.

Impact Calc---2NC.

Trade Solves War---2NC.

TPA Key to Trade---2NC.

A2 Impact D---2NC.

A2 Free Trade Inevitable---2NC.

2nc turns heg/foreign policy.

2nc turns competitiveness.

2nc turns econ.

2nc turns growth.

2nc turns environment (growth good).

2nc turns manufacturing.

2nc turns small businesses.

TPA Good---A2 Secrecy.

TPA Good---A2 Prez Powers.

TPA Good---A2 China Backlash.

TPA Internal Link.

PC Key---2NC.

A2 Ideology Outweighs---2NC.

PC Being Spent Now---2NC.

Republicans Key---2NC.

Pelosi Link---2NC.

TPA – Aff.

AFF TPA Uniqueness.

Won’t Pass---2AC.

Won’t Pass---1AR.

Thumper – 2AC.

AFF TPA Internal Link.

PC Not Key---2AC.

PC Not Key---1AR.

PC UQ---2AC.

Republicans Not Key.

AFF A2 TPA Good.

Not Key to Trade---2AC.

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