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Scholarship Opportunity - Missouri State University

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We've had a couple of scholarships open up in the last week, so I want to reach out to anyone who is still undecided for fall 2015 (obviously we are also recruiting for 2016 and beyond). 


Our online scholarship application is here: http://debate.missouristate.edu/scholarship.htm 


Although OOS waivers are tied to the College of Arts & Letters, we've historically had success in securing those for debaters. 


Our primary format is NDT debate. We travel to nearly all majors, and have cleared at all of them in recent years. We've had 6 separate debaters receive 1st rounds in the past decade - those debaters collectively had one win at the ToC, which means they developed after coming to our campus. Our the past decade, our NDT debaters have had a 97% graduation rate, 70% grad/law school attendance rate, and an average GPA over 3.5. We are focused on the success of our debaters AFTER they graduate, not just tournament success. I've attached our recruiting booklet. 


We've recently added NFA-LD. Although the scholarship support is more limited, so are the expectations. Those doing only NFA-LD attend only 2 tournaments a semester (NDT norm is 5-ish), and it facilitates two groups: (a) those who want a commitment level lower than NDT and (B) those with very limited experience with policy debate who want to start with case/DA debate, since starting with that, plus conditional CP's and lots of K's can be an entry barrier. 


We also support local debate, including a middle school program and two on-campus high school tournaments (plus a mid-sized summer institute). 


Happy to talk more via email, both for 2015 graduates and future recruits! 


Dr. Eric Morris

Missouri State




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