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Anyone have generic evidence for a Lacan Aff case centered on utopianism and embracing the real 


OR more specifically links to race arguements


- Psychoanalysis is racist

- Utopianism is good to interrogate race

- Race causes utopianism



Will trade heavily, message for requests 



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Well yeah, the aff has a lot f stavrakakis ev



Here: http://hspolicy.debatecoaches.org/Diamond+Bar/Chuang-Syed+Aff

idk who made that aff but it's looks like somebody basically got Heidegger, Lacanian psychoanalysis, Post-colonial studies and combined them to produce pure shit


The first Stavrakakis evidence is tagged wrong as, I believe, Stavrakakis (nor Lacan) make no claims about ontology in their conceptions of utopia; rather they say its based off of the attempt to grasp the totality of the real - the McWhorter '92 evidence doesn't fit the thesis of the affirmative as that evidence talks about calculative thought and how it forecloses other forms of revealing as calculative thought is a forced revealing of objects (thrownness as challenging-forth), point that out and they basically have no terminal impact (as it's very easy to contest all that "Real" and "Symbolic" bs that Lacan/Stavrakakis talks about)


Read the general "psychoanalysis is non-falsifiable" evidence (I got some Robinson '05 evidence that is specific to Stavrakakis I can give you)


I think that the Ted Trainer evidence doesn't really say what they tag it as 


I'd stick to the general FW strategy

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