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Hey y'all.

So i'm looking for a link for the Frontier K that says something along the lines of "trying to understand the unknown is just an excuse to further frontierism. I was trying to find a viable link for the ocean mapping affirmatives. I've looked in the back files for the space topic, and could not seem to find anything. If anybody has a card on this, that would be wonderful!


Thanks so much!

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Death and water flow together in the circles of existence – The resolution’s call to secure and develop the ocean is another form of managerialism that attempts to overcome the inevitability of death

Land 92 (Nick, Lecturer in Continental Philosophy at the University of Warwick, Thirst for Annihilation, Georges Bataille and Virulent Nihilism, pg 76-77) 


Is not transcendental philosophy a fear of the sea? Something like a dike or a sea-wall? A longing for the open ocean gnaws at us, as the land is gnawed by the sea. A dark fluidity at the roots of our nature rebels against the security of terra firma, provoking a wave of anxiety in which we are submerged, until we feel ourselves drowning, with representation draining away. Nihil ulterius Incipit Kant:We are not amphibians, but belong upon solid earth. We are not amphibians, but belong upon solid earth. Let us renounce all strange voyages. The age of desire is past. The new humanity I anticipate has no use for enigmatic horizons; it knows the ocean is madness and disease. Let me still your ancient tremors, and replace them with dreams of an iron shore. Reason in its legitimate function is a defence against the sea, which is also an inhibition of the terrestrial; retarding our tendency to waste painstakingly accumulated resources in futile expeditions, a ‘barrier opposed to the expenditure offerees [iI 332] as Bataille describes it. It is a fortified boundary, sealing out everything uncertain, irresolvable, dissolvant, a sea-wall against the unknown, against death. This is a structure continuous with the great land reclamation projects of Frederick II of Hohenstaufen: a matter of drainage, rigorous separation of the wet and the dry, eradication of marshes and ambiguous terrains, rigidification of the soil (‘the mosquitos and other stinging insects that make the wilds of America so trying for the savages, may be so many goads to urge Fanged noumenon (passion of the cyclone) 75 these primitive men to drain the marshes and bring light into the dense forests that shut out the air, and, by so doing, as well as by the tillage of the soil, to render their abodes more sanitary’ [K X 328]). Such terrestrialism reaches its zenith in Prussia’s classic age; in the restriction of policy to continental ambitions. It is thus characterized by a certain hardness; a certain deliberate blindness towards death, as towards everything that flows freely like a wound.

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