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Answering Warming Affs

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Besides link turns (at least for OTEC, which is the only case I've ever actually hit), warming inevitable (McPherson).

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Warming inevitable

Alternative causes to warming 1ac doesn't account for

No extinction - adaptation/biodiversity/evolution stuff

Extinction impact media hype

[plan] makes warming worse (turns case)


I've also gone with the ecodoomsaying K, it's worked 3/4 times I've run it.

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Off Case


Adaptation DA 




Cap (2NR is always a combination of everything into Cap - how I do that, figure it out yourself) :D




Alt causes that aff can't solve for (like China emissions) 


Threat Construction cards, specific to the affs impact; which then serve as links, impact D, and examples for the Epistemology DA on the Cap K 

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As someone who runs a warming aff...


Although eco-security, cap, eco-mangerialism, ecofem, etc. are all good options, we're also hella blocked out against them and we hit them every round so we're used to it.  Running a case specific (or even politics DA) with good impact framing (specially time frame) is often a better option because warming teams aren't expecting it.


Advantage counterplans are the shit here, especially cuz there's so many.  Find one that's somewhat obscure, find a good net benefit (electricity prices?), and run with it.  It'll crush


On case

-Attack their Internal Links to warming.  Most affs either solve electricity production or transportation, not  both, so the other is a huge alt cause.  The aff probably solves a tiny fraction of global emissions

-Cost competitiveness:  most renewable energies are hella expensive and impossible to scale up because of numerous problems, so they're unlikely to displace oil/coal.  Specifically, most affs this year probably can't solve emissions in inland states.

-Impact D.  Even if warming is real, most extinction authors are hacks. Cut some cards that are like "IPCC says no extinction" yada yada

-Alt causes/too late is fun and all, but won't win you the debate in the 2nr

I run Race as as DA  with an impact of like genocide to outweigh it on timeframe 


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