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How to make 1AR framework against Wilderson Kritik?

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What kind of approach are you looking for? Soft fw/policy w/ what type impacts? It's ultimately down to whatever you prefer, but I can help out.


There's also some cards about how all arguments are exclusive, which is an answer to all of their exclusion DA's. Also, you could read fiat FW or something along those lines.

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If you want to beat Wilderson, there are a few things you need to win



-Blackness is not ontological--this is the UQ to the K and if you don't win this then you lost the debate. This is where cards like Hudson 13 come into play.

-State can be reformed/not always anti-black--you don't need to win that the state is good, but just that demands upon the law can cause material improvements. Another framing issue for the K here is that Wilderson is criticized for being too academic, and that his theories don't really do much for people 'in the trenches.' Even if the neg wins that in the abstract destroying subjectivity is good* that's not really a feasible project in the short run, so for those being policed it's better to, you know, not get arrested through demands on the state then some possibility of maybe ending subjectivity in a way that may possibly help black bodies.

---Winning these two alone should be enough to win on the permutation


Offense (you don't need all of these)

-Social death is a bad frame (historically)--there are tons of cards on this, from Mariott to Nayar to Walker (although they all have their own flaws, for instance, the Maroons Walker discusses got wiped out)

-Social death/negation bad (politically)--the most common way this argument is deployed is probably Wendy Brown's Wounded Attachments stuff


There are also various afro-optimist critiques of Wilderson, but these are usually a poor choice for most affirmatives that engage the state because authors like Moten still don't argue that defending white institutions are a good thing (Moten and Harney's wording when posed with the 'Cede the Political' question in the Undercommons was "So what?") Furthermore, unless you're actually very familiar with both afro-optimism and afro-pessimism and a skilled debater in general, this is probably not the way to go, this strat is something that requires a lot of talent to do well.


Other notes

Watch out for Yancy's White Gaze argument, which usually gets deployed in a manner similar to standpoint epistimology. One big problem with reading Yancy with Wilderson is that it's very close to double turn territory because Yancy argues that blackness is always in ontological flux (not in the same way that Sexton argues the same point though) and also doesn't argue that white people need to get out to the same extent that Wilderson does (Yancy says there can be white allies but they need to shut up and listen to black determinations of political goals). 

Watch out for people to try to spike out of offense with Sexton's 'social life through social death' argument. This basically says that black social life can exist, but outside the confines of civil society and is a response to some of Moten's older works. When you get down to it, it's actually not super responsive to most of the other offense because it still argues that there's exclusion from civil society and that agency can't be formulated within the state and etc., so while it does answer the generic 'you're fatalist' arguments, pretty much any sense of nuance by the aff can overcome the warrants of the card (now how the negative responds to that is another story). 



*Wilderson's conceptualization of the commonly phrased 'burn it all down' is metaphysical rather than purely literal, even if some teams don't defend it as such. 

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