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*NEED* U.S. interferes with U.N.

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In context of rio+20 but it makes the arg about us not complying.

Format kinda got messed up when I pasted it



Empirics prove – . . non-compliancy undermines global effectiveness

of .N. sustainability efforts means other countries cant solve

UNDES 12 [

U.N. Department of economic and social affairs, Review of implementation of Agenda 21 and the Rio Principle,

Jan 2012, point 14, table 3, Rio & A21 scorecard. p.28 – accessed online here:


States should e

ffectively c

ooperate to d

iscourage or p

revent t

he relocation and transfer to other States of a

ny activities

and substances t

hat cause severe environmental degradation or are found to be harmful to h



. There are several international agreements regulating and prohibiting the transfer of hazardous substances and many of these are updated to accommodate new

harmful substances. Nevertheless there is on-going evidence of hazardous substances being dumped in the Third World. The GATT/WTO framework permits import restrictions

on the grounds of hazardous substances. However national legislation effecting such restrictions is too often poorly enforced. For many developing countries the economic and

political advantages of importing waste from the developed world outweighs health and environmental considerations.

The movement

of hazardous waste across

national boundaries

is another example of international agreements failing to translate to


; although sophisticated legal instruments such as the Basel Convention have outlawed the transfer of hazardous waste from developed to less

developed countries, the dumping of hazardous waste has continued since 1992. In addition,

the failure of

countries such as

the United States to

commit to the onvention has significantly limited its effectiveness.

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