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Hey, I am a Novice LDer and am going to a big tournament soon, which I heard is pretty progressive. Can someone help me out with progressive LD, I come from one of the most traditional circuits.

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Depends if you want to run or answer certain progressive arguments.


I guess I'll just put a brief description of how to answer what you'll likely see in novice.



1) perm it, so say to do both the Aff and the CP. You have to say why the CP isn't competitive.

2) attack the solvency the same way you would attack solvency for any other case.



1) attack the links All you need to do is dissolve one of the links i.e. nuke war -> extinction and you'll be good, but it's good to attack multiple links, it's not that hard to rebuild one link in the 2NR.

2) attack the uniqueness. If the final impact will happen anyway, or doing the aff won't really expedite the process, then the disad is nonunique.



1) I guess you could run T if you don't think its topical, but novice LDers normally don't run T, let alone plans to begin with.

2) attack solvency, again pretty simple

I don't know too much about plans honestly, I've only heard of two novices running them this year for this topic.



1) perm the alt, say that we can do both the alternative brought up by the K and the aff

2) say that you don't link into the critisicm

3) say the impact doesn't link


You probably won't see Ks unless you go up against a Harrison novice.


Again, I'm a novice too, but this is what I understand of how to answer the more progressive arguments. Asking your coach or varsity teammates will probably help more.

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