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State Results?

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Who's got 'em?


The team I was coaching dropped in quarters, and I left during sems, so I don't know who won (I was at the 4-3-2-1A tournament).  Also curious about 5 & 6A.  Anyone got results to post?  Thanks!

When I left the 4A tournament, the 4 teams left were Miege vs McPherson, and Sumner vs Wichita Trinity.  Miege was the top seed and was undefeated (they beat my team in quarters).  I judged the Sumner and Trinity teams.  My prediction is that the finals was Miege def Sumner.

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Wichita-Trinity def. McPherson 




Kapaun Scott/Cornejo def. BVSW Hegna/Fry

BVSW Foulon/Kathol def. Shawnee Heights Guyle/Langer

Lansing AF def. Kapaun Smith/Starks

BVSW Divelbiss/Ghekas def. Newton Beemer/Young



Kapaun Scott/Cornejo def. BVSW Foulon/Kathol

BVSW Divelbiss/Ghekas def. Lansing AF



BVSW Divelbiss/Ghekas def. Kapaun Scott/Cornejo



DOUBLES (with names where I know; sorry - I'm operating on the tweeted bracket and memory - names I'm guessing on are in parens, and a lot of these names and results is deductive reasoning)

1) SME Dastjerdi/Walter def. 32) Campus

16) SMW v. 17) Hutch

8) SME (Mehta/Dinakar) def. 25) Blue Valley

24) Blue Valley Kats/Nicol def. 9) Washburn Rural Cobb/Shipley

28) Manhattan Erdwien/Beer def. 5) Washburn Rural

12) Wichita East Bye/Kamath def. 21) Olathe Northwest Brabec/Larson

13) Wichita East Ochoa/Lankarani def. 20) Garden City

4) SME (Mitchell/Werner) def. 29) Free State Prescher/Lawrence

3) BVN Lindsey/Ramasamy def. Garden City

14) Topeka High v. 19) SMNW

27) Hutch Huxman/Schartz def. 6) SME Mitchell/Bledsoe

22) BVN (Khalif/Sivakumar) def. 10) Washburn Rural

26) WEast def. 7) Washburn Rural

11) BVN Kiersznowski/Ross v. 23) Hutch 

15) Free State Liu/Swanson def. 18) Olathe North

2) Free State Cottrell/Hopkins def. 31) Olathe Northwest Michie/Smith



I don't know much: 

1) SME Dastjerdi/Walter def. 15) Free State Liu/Swanson

12) WEast Bye/Kamath def. 28) Manhattan Erdwien/Beer

27) Hutch Huxman/Schartz def. 4) SME Mitchell/Werner




SME Dastjerdi/Walter def. WEast Bye/Kamath

SME Mehta/Dinakar def. WEast Ochoa/Lankarani

Hutch Huxman/Schartz def. BVN Lindsey/Ramasamy

Free State Cottrell/Hopkins def. Hutch Crane/Sain



SME Dastjerdi/Walter def. Hutch Huxman/Schartz

SME Mehta/Dinakar def. Free State Cottrell/Hopkins



SME CLOSES OUT - Ali Dastjerdi/Henry Walter/Shrushti Mehta/Bhavish Dinakar. Of those four, Shrushti Mehta and Ali Dastjerdi repeat the state title, though with different partners. 

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