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"The War Machine"

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It might refer to the concept outlined by Deleuze and Guattari in A Thousands Plateaus - the war machine is of nomadic origin with a primary purpose of dismantling and opposing the segmentary Abstract State; that is, it's a tool, that can literally be anything, that is used by nomad to avoid stratification and capture by the Apparatus of Capture, it can be used to produce lines of flight 


It should be noted that for Deleuze and Guattari the State refers not to the geopolitical entity; rather the State refers to something like a resonance chamber in which institutions within a disciplinary society resonate to produce the State; because obviously there isn't a single entity that is totalizing with regards to control within a stratified society, that's what makes it segmentary 

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Outside of Deleuze and Guattari, the war machine may describe how the state currently functions. It functions, in the critical realm at least, as this monolithic entity whose sole purpose is to go to war and destroy things. More simply, it is a machine that goes to war with everything and one.

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