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Cracked, oh Cracked, how I love thee....

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But quite simply, our love  is not be...


(In other news, Edward quits his day job to write sonnets. Riots break out in the streets as the world braces itself for a new kind of horror, not seen since the likes of Nancy Paula Millstone.) 


But, in all seriousness. I love Cracked. And I love these articles. 






The issue is, I'm reluctant to cut them into cards (Cracked is not exactly a scholarly source). So, the question is, should I cut them or not? And, if I shouldn't, are there any scholarly sources that say the same thing as these articles say (I'm specifically looking at cards that say the same thing as #5 in the first article, and #2 in the second). 



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1) Broken links


2) I love Cracked as well, but the answer is no. You can always follow their hyperlinked sources though. Thing is, Cracked is frequently wrong. Every comment section of every article loves to point this out and following up shows that they're right.


There are much better places to cut for economics scholarship. For good answers to spending DA's check Paul Krugman's most recent editorial from pretty much wherever, he has a nobel prize and that's basically all he talks about. 

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